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Associate Registration

Welcome to the Water and Environmental Experts Network (WENet).
What is WENet ?
WENet is a global network of experts in one or more fields of hydraulic, hydrology, hydrogeology, environment, irrigation, drainage, water treatment, hydropower, etc.How to become WENet member ?
Anyone who has expertise in any of the above fields is eligible to join WENet. Scientists, academicians, professionals in related sectors and graduate level students from several countries are joining with WENet.Is there WENet membership fee ?
No. WENet membership is Free.

What are WENet membership benefits ?
WENet membership benefits include:

Access to a platform to exchange views and experience,
Access to downloadable materials,
Access to selected electronic materials at reduced fees.
Collaborations based on member’s location & expertise.

Hydroxpert is dedicated to WENet members privacy. Your information will never be sold or used by third parties.