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Environment & Risk

Our livelihood and health are highly impacted by the state of our environment, mainly water, air, and land.  At HydroXpert, we focus on environmental issues related to water and site pollution.

Water is one of the most essential elements for life, environmental systems, and economic activities.  Adequate quantity and quality of water are needed to sustain the various needs.  The major environmental and health issues related to water are due to such as water pollution, drought, flooding, salinisation, etc.  One or a combination of these problems causes adverse health impact, economic damages, ecosystem disruption.

Similarly, polluted sites cause health problems, biodiversity loses, and economic damages to local community, directly or indirectly affecting all stakeholders: land owners, investors, inhabitants, decision makers and regulators. The main cause of site pollutions are accidental spills of harmful products, leaks from underground storage tanks, non-point pollutions from farm lands and so on.

Our team has substantiel experience on environmental management solutions.  We collaborate with our clients on:

  • Environmental audit
  • Environmental impact
  • Health risk
  • Pollution and remediation plan
  • Water resources management