Groundwater is a major source of water supply for domestic and industrial uses in many urban industrial areas. However, with ever-growing human activities such as industrialization and agriculture, this precious water resource is threatened by effluents from industrial areas as well as accidental spills and leaks.  Among others, chlorinated solvents are toxic chemicals that are known to be the most common groundwater contaminants of industrial origin. Exposure to these chemicals may cause serious health problems to humans and the natural environment.

If groundwater is polluted, source control is an effective solution to stop further spread. But identifying sources can be time consuming and costly operation, especially when there is no enough information about the source of contamination.


We provide our clients with innovative approach that determines the relative position of high risk zone and the total mass flow of the contaminant without searching for sources and installing several monitoring wells.


With our approach

  • There is no source investigation
  • Implement less expensive operation
  • Provide targeted solution



  • Groundwater monitoring, management
  • Protect production wells, aquatic environment
  • Health / environmental risk studies
  • Remediation design if found appropriate


  • Data review and analysis
  • Health risk assessment
  • Identify remediation options if found appropriate
  • Report writing
  • Training

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