HydroXpert / SIMAHPP for hydropower

SIMAHPP for hydropower

SIMAHPP 5 is a Windows based software for hydropower projects analysis and feasibility simulations.  Compared to other renewable energy sources, hydropower has demonstrated as a proven technology with a high level of reliability, high efficiency and low operating & maintenance costs. Hydropower does not produce waste products that contribute to air pollution and greenhouse gases. Like any other projects, investing in hydropower projects involves risks. The main obstacles in developing hydropower projects are availability of funding, matching project goals to cover investment costs by producing positive returns, and environmental issues with respect to population displacement, wildlife migration, aquatic biodiversity losses, forest clearance, etc.

SIMAHPP5Our solution, SIMAHPP, is designed to undertake feasibility studies, analysis and reporting by integrating  hydraulic, financial, and environmental parameters. SIMAHPP5 handles multi-site, multi-option, and multi-purpose hydro-system simulations.   SIMAHPP handles multi-year data for different flow types and provides detailed simulation analysis on energy production; costs-and benefits; environmental impacts and management plans; equipment and materials as follows:

Energy Production:

  • Net head using three head loss methods
  • Design flow from FDC (Flow-Duration Curve)
  • Design time of operation for maximizing energy
  • Optimum power capacity
  • Maximum energy production

Economic Analysis:

  • Energy sales revenue
  • Carbon market revenue
  • Additional benefits (multi-purpose) from:
  • Domestic water supply,
  • Irrigation water,
  • Flood control,
  • Navigation,
  • Recreation,
  • Fisheries
  • Investment cost, cost/kW, cost/kWh
  • O&M cost
  • Net present value (NPV)
  • Internal rate of return (IRR)
  • Payback period
  • Amortization plan

Environmental Impact and Management Plan

  • Emission reduction
  • Population displacement
  • Wildlife migration
  • Aquatic habitat losses
  • Forest clearance
  • Land use change
  • Resettlement program
  • Watershed management
  • Tree planting
  • Public awareness program

Equipment and Materials

  • Turbine type
  • Specific speed
  • Penstock size, material, strength
  • Power house


  • Identify appropriate hydro project site that provide positive return on investment
  • Promote clean energy
  • Generate additional income through carbon sales
  • Promote added values (social and environmental) from hydropower projects
  • Save time and money thopughout the project study process